Neuromuscular Therapy
can help chronic pain patients

You might attribute a painful neck , wrist, shoulder, headache or a backache to tired muscles or stiff
joints. But these symptoms can also be caused by a part of your body that you may not have heard of, fascia. Until recently, this network of tissue found throughout the body received very little attention until 2007 when the first International Fascia Congress gave birth to an explosion of research.
Neuromuscular Therapists are recognised leading experts in the area of fascia focused chronic pain and the treatment of neurovascular insults that are most often the true source of a patients pain.

About Neuromuscular Therapists

What do Neuromuscular Therapists do?

Neuromuscular Therapists (NMT) are trained in the treatment of a variety of chronic pain conditions including headaches, carpal and tarsal tunnel pain, myofascial pain, shoulder and knee pain, sciatica, low back pain. NMT’s offer a connected wholistic approach to therapeutic interventions that not only treat the area of pain but also the source of that pain. For example, people experiencing pain from cardiac sources can experience pain in their arm due to the way our nervous system is organised. NMTs can reduce or resolve this pain. Research has shown that changes in sensations, including pain, burning, tingling, a feeling of water running on your skin, toothache, headache, sciatic pain and more can all be due to myofascial trigger points. NMTs are specialists in the treatment of myofascial trigger points ensuring you receive the correct treatment for your specific complaint.

What do Neuromuscular Therapists NOT do?

NMTs do not “crack” necks or joints. Those techniques are not reflective of neuromuscular therapy and while we respect our professional colleagues who do provide high velocity thrusts NMTs provide subtle and gentle approaches to restoring pain free movement

Fascia and Living Tensegrity

Fascia is the fabric of our form. In terms of anatomy, biomechanics and classical theories regarding topics such as pain and how we move the science of fascia has totally changed our perspective. Now we can say with confidence that neuromuscular therapy is a most effective therapeutic intervention for chronic myofascial pain. Your fascia provides your body with an amazing feedback system. It gives you your sense of you and where you are, how you are and how your energy matrix is resonating. NMT’s specialise in treating fascia and have been leaders in this field for many years. Recent research has confirmed that fascia is the richest sensory tissue in the body.

Head Ache

The source of your headache may be located some distance away. Neuromuscular Therapists are highly trained in efficient and effective methods to assess and correct lack of mobility while reducing or eradicating pain and changes in sensations.

Neck Pain

Joint Pain

Your muscles are surrounded and penetrated by the most pervasive and ubiquitous tissue in the human body, fascia. NMT employs what we refer to as “Site Specific Fascia Tuning Pegs” which results in reduced joint pain.

Muscle Pain

Muscular Pain

Muscle fibres heal very quickly due to an excellent blood supply. With a little help from your local Neuromuscular Therapist you can remain pain free while enjoying improved motion and increased energy levels.

Chest Pain

Chest Pain

Chest pain can be a sign of more serious heart health issues but once you have had your doctor rule out coronary issues chest pain can be a real source of discomfort. NMT can help you reduce pain and recover functional movement.