Judit Balog
Judit Balog, NMT, MT, PMT

MyoTherapy Room

Judit is a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist and a member of the Association of the Neuromuscular Physical Therapists. She is a certified Sport and Medical Massage Therapist and a member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association. She is a certified Dorn Therapist and a Dry Needling Clinician. She is also certified to treat children over 2 years and to treat children and teens with ASD and ADHD.
Since opening Myotherapy Room in Rush in 2017 Judit has been treating a wide range of patients from aged 2 to 80 years, both from non sporting and sporting backgrounds.

She is also passionate about the feet and how it effects the rest of the body. She is a trained Pedorthist and provides digital foot analysis and Custom Made Insoles in her clinic.

Judit’s passion is pain science and she is providing expert care for people in chronic pain and helps them with pain management while using a holistic approach. She is a manual therapist, using massage, mobilising and manipulation techniques, cupping, taping and dry needling to encourage the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Judit worked with Coolmine Rugby Club for a number of years and has also worked with the Rush Athlethic Football Club’s Senior Team. Through this work she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in musculoskeletal injuries.